The year started very slow for us, because we all had different other projects to work on:
Aage became father early in january, and has focused on his other band; "White Willow" (who has done some conserts in Europe and are working on their new album). Tor has worked on his art, and became father again in August. And Kai has worked on his other projects Kobi, KA and Origami Arktika.
We was offered some gigs, but the payment was to poor, so we sad no.
In may things started roling again.

Concert: MUO (music under Oslo), Oslo. schetch live muo - Click to enlarge...!
25 mai we did two concerts at the MUO festival, Oslo.
MUO is a festival where different bands plays concerts on the subway stations in Oslo centrum.
We played one gig at Třen-station at 01 pm and one gig at Nationalteatert-station at 04 pm. On the last gig Alex Ozga joined in on guitar. The response was good.
360 - Click to enlarge...!
Release: «360°» Compilation-cd.
In march 2001 we where invited to join a foundry project: 360° (The Foundry). We sendt our song "zargosso" in august. And in June 2002 the compilation was released, and the other contributors to 360° are, in order of appearance: "Rhomb" (releases on "The Foundry" and "Archipelago imprint")," eM" (releases on "The Foundry", "Archipelago" and "Fallt"), Jonathan Hughes (formerly "Subspace" with release on "Sunburst Fifty"), "High Skies" (Mat Jarvis, formerly "Gas on Emit"), Mark Van Hoen with "Seofon" (Mark Van Hoen has released work as "Locust" and under his own name on "Touch" and "Apollo"; "Seofon" is a member of "Ambient Temple of Imagination" as well as a solo artist), "Thermal" (releases on his own "Boxman" label and "Archipelago imprint"), and Kim Cascone (releases on "Ritornell" and "Digital Narcis" among many others).