After «Reasons to Sway» we continued to work on sketches in Kai's living rom, each Tuesday and Saturday. Tor also bought an Akai s-950 sampler (Geir Jensen's), and we were more free to paint with rhythms and concrete sounds. Much of the focus went from the electronic to the floating and acoustic. We still worked with sequencer and MIDI, but was more into doing as we had done on our first release; ambient sound scapes, than techno and dance, which most with our working technique was doing at that time.

Summer '95 we had enough material for our next release on Apollo, and in july we went to Stripteased and mastered. We send it to Belgium, but the response was negative. We felt sorry, but continued making music.
{void} festival flyer, front - Click to enlarge...! {void} festival flyer, program - Click to enlarge...!
Concert: Månefisken: "{Void}"festival, Oslo.
5 november we had our second gig at "Månefisken": "{Void}-festival". A 3 days festival with mostly electronic music. We played on the last day and the response was very good. "Delusion", "Famlende forsøk", "Palace of Pleasure" (Norway), "Deutsche Nepal" (Sweden) and "Solar Quest" (England) played on the same evening.

Music to: Erik Sjolbjergs short-movie; «In cirkel»
In the end of November we were contacted by Erik Sjolbjerg who wanted us to make music to his shorth-movie; «In cirkel». We worked intensively for one month, and both he and us was pleased with the result.