Concert: Café con Bar, Oslo.
8 february we did a concert at Café con Bar, Oslo.
We only played unreleased material, and Aage was with us on percussion and Xylophone. The response was mixed.
Arctic Circles 3 cover - Click to enlarge...!
Release: «Arctic Circles 3» Compilation-cd.
In february we got a invitation to join yet another compilation on Beatservice,
«Arctic Circles 3» (Beatservice). We send a song, and the release was 30 august.

Concert: The international music day, in the backyard on So What, Oslo.
02.06 we did a concert in connection with "The International Music Day"
We played a 45 minutes set in the backyard at So-What, Oslo
Aage was with us on percussion, and the response was good, despite the fact that we did a ambient set 21.30.

Picture of the journey trough Germany - Click to enlarge...! Concert: Overground Festival, Bateu Geneve, Geneva, Switzerland.
In the beginning of june we were contacted by The Overground festival in Geneva, with a request if we wanted to attend. We agreed on fee, and 22 august we left Oslo and headed down to Geneva to play 25 august. The concert went well, we played a set of 1 1/2 hour, and Aage was with us on percussion. We also had our own sound man with us, Jon Birger Wormdal.
The festival took place on a boat by quai on the Geneva lake. Picture of the stage - Click to enlarge...! "Aleatory lab", "Plastique de rêve vs Crowdpleaser", "Inentropia", "a.l.s.o", "The Snacks", "Les Collégues Pasha", "Arianne besson & Pierre-Yves Dufour", "Somatic", "The Hustler", "Le Colosse de Maroussi", "Marc Ribot", "Jan Ka", "Mobile in Motion & June Joseph" played on the same festival.
Concert: Mono, Oslo.
30.10 we played at mono, Aage is now a regular member of Sketch and played vibes and percussion, Tor played bass, guitar and synth and Kai played synth, flute, voice and contact microphone. We only played new songs. "Inderst Ilia", a.k. Tomas Flipp supported us with an ambient set. There were not a lot of people showing up, but the response was good.

Concert: So What, Oslo.
28.11. and 29.11 we played support for the legendary psychedelia-band "Gong", three of the original member played: Daevid Allen, Gillie Smith and Mike Howlett. We played a 1/2 our set both days, some of the same songs and instrumentation as on mono. Both days was sold out, so we played for an audience of 250 - 300 each day. The response was very good.