Concert: So-What, Oslo.
26 january we had a concert at "So-What", Oslo in connection with an "anti-phoo" arrangement. Henning did not attend, and the response was so and so...
In february we had once again moved to a smaller studio at "Grünerløkka Lufthavn", and could come and go as we pleased. Arctic Circles cover - Klikk for å forstørre...!

Release: «Arctic Circles 2» , Compilation-cd.
We got yet another invitation to join a compilation from "Beatservice"; «Arctic Circles 2». We send a more upbeat song this time. The release was in august, and the response was good, especially from abroad.
Klubb Kanin flyer  - Click to enlarge...!
Concert: Avantgarden, Trondheim.
Friday 16 april we went to Trondheim to play at "Avantgarden" the day after, at a "Klubb Kanin" arrangement. The response was good mostly because we stood out being more upbeat than the rest of the program which was more ambient and noisy. We played "Ying" from the coming album «Zincanode» and had an old 8-millimeter shortmovie on car-racing fra the 30's on the back screen. Other bans on the program was "Clop Neplat", "Origami Erotika", "Lasse Marhaug Band", "KA", "Bad Karma" and "Arm".

In april we started to tranfer a selection of the 8-track songs into Jon Birger Wormdahl's PC in his studio in Brugata.
H2O festival program - Click to enlarge...!
Concert: Stretch, Oslo.
28 May we did a gig at "Stretch", Oslo.
We warmed up for Kebabylon Sound System, and Karim from "Perculator" played drums. We only played one song, the same as in Trondheim, but without the 8-millimeter shortmovie.
"Sternklang" and "Salvatore" played also that evening. The response was very good.

We used most of the summer and until the end of november to mix the tracks in Brugata, and started planning on how to get it released. In December we moved out of Grünerløkka Lufthavn , because we didn't use the studio anymore. We took our equipment to our homes, the plan was to continue working together in new forms.