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Sketch C90 cover - Click to enlarge...! Release: «Sketch» C-90.
86-`87 we were both recording our own songs onto tor's 4 track tape recorder. Then Kai moved in to the same building in Ruseløkka as tor lived in. We moved to a studio, in the backyard, where we recorded material, jammed and tried to to start different band projects. Spring '89 we sorted out all of the material and started selecting songs for a tape release. We recorded new tracks where necessary and mixed and produced it all.

Late fall most of the material was ready for release, and we started on the cover, recorded the last tracks. And after christmas we made 100 tapes which was called «Sketch»; a C-90 tape with 12 songs of ambient landscapes.
We tried to send it around to different tape distributors in Europe, and got in touch with dBut record shop in Oslo who took some x's for sale.
Ambient was not the big thing at that time, so the sale and response was low. We where also dissatisfied with the quality, to much tape noise. So we decided on not to make new editions.