Kai bought a PC in january, and we went away from MIDI, and started to make songs on each our PC, and met once in a while to exchange cd-r's and to mix. In april the label "Racing Junior" was established, and they were interested in releasing our next cd.

We used most of the summer preparing for the release concert. We took some of the album songs and remixed them for a live-sett, In addition to songs from «Zincanode», we also took some old material and some new once.
We made room for live-percussion, guitar/bass and synths, and contacted Aage Schou and asked him if he would join us on percussion. In august we went to Asker to rehearse a live-sett.
Zincanode cover - Click to enlarge...!
Release: «Zincanode» Cd.
«Zincanode» (Racing Junior) was released in September.

Concert: Blå, Oslo.
The releaseparty took place at "Blå", Oslo 21 september. The gig went very good, and the response was also good.
59*56'N 10*44'Ø 21.09.00 cover - Click to enlarge...!
Release: «59*56'N 10*44'Ø 21.09.00» Cd.
After the concert we were contacted by the design agency "Subtopia", who wanted to release the gig. Off course we agreed, and 15 september the cd « 59*56'N 10*44'Ø 21.09.00» (Subtopia) was ready, with a special designed cover.