In january '91 we moved from Ruseløkka to different parts of Oslo, and the co work paused. But fall '91 we decided to restart the co work. We where impressed by "Biosphere" and "Orb"'s first cd's, and though that we might be able to do similar. We moved all our gear into Kai's living rom and started making sketches again. Summer '92 Kai bought an Akai s-950 sampler, before that we had worked via MIDI through DX-27, DX-7 and ensonique with internal sequencer. And it was now that the songs took shape as the characteristic "Sketch-soundscape".

Spring '94 Geir Jensen was visiting and listened to our material, liked it and took with him a demo to the record company which he had contract with in Belgium, "Apollo". The music was still ambient, but with techno rhymes and organic acoustic electronics.

At the same time we was contacted by Vidar Aam, who was doing the sound on Eirik Stubøs stagemanagment examination performance "Ghosts" by Ibsen at The National Theaterschool.
They was looking for sounscapses, and together we made some recordings in our studio.
Gamlebyen festival program, front - Click to enlarge...! Gamlebyen festival program, innside - Click to enlarge...!

Concert: "gamlebyfestival", Oslo.
We gave "dBut" the same demo and they wanted us to participate on their festival "i Gamlebyen", Oslo. We did our first gig at 9 p.m. wednesday 1 june, not a lot of people attended because at the same time there was a fotballmatch on television between Norway-Denmark. The response was mixed, but we agreed to play a new gig at "Club verdensrommet" on "Månefisken", Oslo some moths later.
"Red", "Velvet Belly" and "Bang" played on the same evening.

In june we got a letter from Belgium saying that they were interested in releasing our material, so we went to "Strype Audio" to master in julie, and send the master to "Apollo".

Concert: Månefisken, "club verdensrommet", Oslo.
We waited in tension and planed to do the release concert at "Club Verdensrommet" 22.10. But unfortunately it took a bit longer than we had expected, so we did our second gig without the release. The response was much better this time, among the about 50 guests. On a back screen we showed a video which Kai had made; macro nature shots from Northen Norway. For this we rented a video projector which costed us Kr. 1000,-...!
"Delusion" played on the same evening. Reasons To Sway cover - Click to enlarge...!

Release: «Reasons to Sway» Cd, Apollo Records.
One month after «Reasons to Sway» came from "Apollo Records", and we had our release party at "Tamara", oslo where we didn't play.