We continued making songs, remixed sketches which we had left out from the last cd and made new ones. We started exploring the possibilities around loops and sequencer, and the music got more rhythmic. Tor bought a PC and started working with loops and rhythms on it, and transfer them to the s-950.

In february we moved our gear to a small studio at Grünerløkka Lufthavn, and the working conditions got more relaxed and structural. We could come and go as we pleased, and work independently on details.
Klubb Verdensrommet program - Click to enlarge...!
Concert: Månefisken, "club verdensrommet", Oslo.
22 May we had yet another gig at Månefisken, "club verdensrommet". This one didn't work out for us because tor's s-950 didn't function, we where to depended on his rhythm loops to do a concert. The only thing we managed was a jam with Origami Elastika. Which went good and the response was good.

In Julie we had enough songs for our next release. We went to Strype Audio and got it mastered, send it to Belgium, and had a better feeling now, because most of the songs was more rhythmic than the last cd we send. We waited all fall, but got no response from Apollo.....!

Concert: So-What, Oslo.
We continued making material, and included Henning Eidem on percussion on our gigs. Our first concert with him was at So-What, Oslo, 16.10. in connection with "Radiorakel's 15 years anniversary festival".
"Stereo Total" (Germany), "Sternklang" and "Perculator" (Norway) played on the same evening.