Sketch "Zincanode"
R J 004CD (2000)
Racing Junior / End of huM ©

Fall '98 Sketch started the recordings for this cd.
They had over two hours of material to choose from,
and recorded well over 90 minutes on 8-track A-dat.

After eastern '99 and until the end of november,
they mixed a selection of these songs with
Jon Birger Wormdahl in his studio in Brugata.
Spring '00 Jon Birger in cooperation with
Claes Olsen, Robert Jønnum and Rolv Mangset
started the record company Racing Junior.
They where interested in releasing the recordings.

The cd was mastered at Strype Audio, by Ingar Hunsgaar
and send to production in august.
It was released in the end of september,
Two years after Sketch started recording the material.

The cd is sold out years ago.
But we plan to re-release it, remastered and with extra songs.

1. Cliff
2. Fine
3. Drown
4. Kaiser
5. Fog Tanger
6. Marine
7. Ying

All songs made by
Tor Jørgensen: Ensoniq, Akai s-950, mouth organ, guitar and bass
& Kai Mikalsen: DX-7-2 FD, DX-27, Roland Juno106, Akai s-950

Frontside photo by Kolbjørn kirkebø
backside photo by M. Mørk
Cover by Palander

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