Sketch "59*56'N 10*44'Ø 21.09.00"
SUB 002 (2000)
Subtopia / End of huM ©

21.09.00 Sketch had our releaseparty for their cd
"Zincanode" (Racing Junior) at Blå in Oslo.
After the concert Marius Renberg and Stein J. øvre from
Subtopia a.s asked them they could release the concert
as their annual christmas gift for their customers and contacts.

They agreed of course, and after mastering the recording on Kai's pc,
it was send for production in the beginning of december,
at the same time the cover was designed and produced.
15 december the hole package was ready.
The cover is put together by two leaflets connected by a gripband.

We have a few copies left.

1. Flourishing Void
2. Spirit
3. Marine
4. Fog Tanger
5. Fine
6. Freeloop
7. Sildre

1. is previously released on "Abeyance" (Mold 1997)
2. is previously released on "Arctic Circles 2" (Beatservice 1999)
3. 4. & 5. is previously released on "Zincanode" (Racing Junior 2000)
6. & 7. is previously unreleased

Tor Jørgensen: Programming, synth, guitar & bass
Kai Mikalsen: Programming, synths & voice
Aage Schou: Percussion & drums

Graphic design and illustrations by Subtopia a.s

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