Sketch "Abeyance"
M#O#L#D 3 (1997)
M#O#L#D / End of huM ©

Sketch first cd "Reasons to Sway" was released
by the Belgium company R & S, on their sublabel Apollo.
"Abeyance" is two cd's that the company
didn't want to release.

In january/february '97 Sketch started the planning
on releasing the two cd's on their own label,
in co work with Tore Bøe of Origami.
Kai worked in a print shop at that time,
and tired of the regular plastic cd-covers,
he designed a paper-cover for the release.
In May they sendt the masters to "Future Age Music" in england,
and in june Kai printed the cover.
In august the package was ready,
and the work on distribution started.

The package contains of a fold-in box,
two cd envelopes, some leafs with info
and a 12 pages book with illustrations.
All the graphics was done by Kai
using photoshop manipulating photos taken by tor.

We have a few copies left, without the original cd envelopes.
But we plan to re-release it as a single cd.

1. Abeyance
2. Mellow
3. Flourishing Void
4. Marshlustre
5. Abinding
6. Moonbeam

1. Godsend Gramaphone
2. Loop
3. She's Six Feet Tall
- Rise to Eight
4. Mourn
5. Sedative
6. There's No Smoke Without Fire
7. Dust
8. Oc-To-Room
9. Age
10. Enemy Territory

All songs made by:
Tor Jørgensen: Ensoniq, Akai s-950
& Kai Mikalsen: DX-7-2 FD, DX-27, Roland Juno106, Akai s-950

Mastered at Strype Audio, Oslo:
cd-1: #1-5 by Ah. Stüke July 95 and #6 by Jomba Mars 97
cd-2: #1-5 by Ah. Stüke July/August 96
Roger Høyer: Calligraphy and titles on cd-2,
Ole Pramli: titles on cd-1
Death Prod: eq-lising on #7 on cd-2

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