is not a solo project or a fixed band,
but a setting where I try out musical ideas
different from the other projects where I'm involved.

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I prefer to do this together with others,
because I feel there comes a new dimension in the co-work-process;
"the third person".

We explore the possibilities of improvisation, timbre and sound.
And focus the soundscape on the harmonies that comes out of using
intuision and playing by the ear.
Another focus is more on space, dynamics, frequens and depth
than on melody and instrumentsound.

The basis of recordingsessions
has been location-recordings or syntheziser-recordings
processed electronically through the PC.
These are mixed with acoustic loops or
other sources of sound such as
syntheziser, guitar, percussion, voice, objects etc.

On the latest release all where recorded live in studio.

Concerts are always improvised.

Up until 2005 we used playback of soundscapes,
made by Kai Mikalsen as a basis.

We play on intuition and by ear.
We give room for silence and dynamics by
letting each and everyone fill different frequency ranges,
and active/inactive periods.

None of us know in advanced where the music leads us.
Sometimes there are ambient soundscapes or sound-chaos,
other times harmonic- or rhythmic parts.

In 2008 we started using video produced by Kai Mikalsen
as background on some concerts.

Kai Mikalsen, Petter F. Eilertsen, Fredrik N. Sevendal,
Martin Powell and Mats Monstad plays on most gigs and jamsessions.

On the first Wednesday every month
I play concerts at 'Sound of Mu' in Oslo.
Improvicing with different musicians each time.

Kai Mikalsen