Kobi "Acousticks"
EndofhuM-04 (2008)

As usual, Kai Mikalsen has invited friends
to lay instumental improvisations
over his mix of soundscapes of
processed sounds from common objects,
location recordings and analogue synth loops.

1. it doesn't rule out the possibility completely
Petter Flaten Eilertsen: guitar & radios
Kai Mikalsen: synt, sounds & loops

2. however, these measurements are applied by our minds
Tie Qiao Li: saxophone
Kai Mikalsen: sounds & loops

3. before when they were just ovals they didn't stick out
4. they are autonomous, they reproduce and they evolve
Kjell Runar Jenssen: drums & percussion
Kai Mikalsen: sounds & loops

5. it might just disappear and reappear a few times
6. some are once in a lifetime sights
Anla Courtis: self-made guitar/violin
Kai Mikalsen: sounds & loops

7. exactly on time, moved completely into the shadow
Michael Duch: double-bass
Tore H Bøe: acoustic laptop
Kai Mikalsen: sounds & loops

Produced by Kai Mikalsen.
Cover art by Roger Høyer.

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