Sketch "Unreleased"
EndofhuM-03 (2002)

Heavy dub-inflicted ambient,
organic and with rich texture,
inspired by Brian Eno and John Hassel
and 'modern' ambient like The Orb and Biosphere.

1. Arg
2. Gang
3. Regret
4. Soak
5. Wind

The fall of '98 we borrowed an A-DAT 8-track recorder
to tape songs for Zincanode.
These songs are among those we decided not to release.
Mixed to DAT in '98 and mastered in 2001.

6. Dubb
7. Float

The summer of '96 we went to Asker in Hønskogen studio,
and had a jam session the whole weekend together with
Roger Høyer and Ben Jenssen.
These two cuts are mixes from that session.
Recorded to 8-track tape & mixed to DAT in '96
Mastered in 2001.

8. Ghosts

Parts of this recording was used by Erik Stubø
in his final examination "Ghosts" by Henrik Ibsen
as a “stage manager” at the Faculty of Fine Art and Drama in Oslo.
Recorded to DAT in '94, made in collaboration with Vidar Aam
Mixed and mastered in 2001.

Cover art by Roger Høyer.

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