Kobi "Urstoff"
EndofhuM-13 (2010)

The double LP limited to 300 copies
is released in co work with Kranium
The CD version has one track less than the double LP:
(an archipelago rather than a continent)

side a
an archipelago rather than a continent
behind the subject we are focused on
side b
two moments that negate each other
side c
a signifier relating to a signified
side d
to achieve matte and fresh effect
five Greek words forming the word for fish

Kai Mikalsen: synths, objects & effects
Fredrik Ness Sevendal: guitar & effects
Martin Powell: synth, guitar, theremin & effects
Petter Flaten Eilertsen: guitar, synths, objects & effects
Mats Monstad: drums & percussion
Per Gisle Galåen: organ & effects (sides c and d)

The album was recorded live in studio 10.10.2009.
The last two tracks was recorded in the evening
with audience present.

It's produced by Kai Mikalsen
and mastered by Helge Sten.

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