Kobi "At All Ears"
EndofhuM-09 (2009)

This 39 minutes film documents the kobi consert at
"All Ears Festival" - fabrikken - Oslo - 18.01.08,
Kobi played an improvised sett to a video
produced by Kai Mikalsen.

Kai Mikalsen: synt, contactmics & effects
Fredrik Ness Sevendal: guitar & effects
Martin Powell: guitar, theremin & effects
Petter F. Eilertsen: guitar, contactmics & effects

Carsten Aniksdal and Sølve Sæther filmed the consert.
The "at all ears" DVDr is a mix of these recordings and the backgroundvideo.

The film is edited and produced by Kai Mikalsen.

Cover photo and design by Kai Mikalsen.

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