Origami Republika "At Fellessentralen"
EndofhuM-06 / M/O/L/D 5b (2009)
End of huM / mold ©

Origami Republika dokumentation installation at
Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway
Tuesday February 24th to Sunday March 1st 1998.

Various 'agents' performed exclusive material
at the gallery every day,
and the recordings on this cd is taken from
these concerts and happenings.
Including the opening party at MIR on Tuesday
and a jam at the gallery on Sunday.
Performed by the following:
Bjarne A16, Tore A22, Kelly A34, Lasse A73, Kai A80, Henning A92, Mads A101, Alexander A11, John Gunnar A130, Tor A134, Marius A137, Are A138, Are A138, Řyvind A139 & Chris A140

In addition the following took place:
Origami Journalistika occupying a two hour
broadcast at RadiOrakel,
a concert by Benny A07 and Neil A94,
a stunt by Folkets Overvfeaturing
Rune A53, Bjarne A16 and Kelly A34,
a stunt by Tore A22, and an 'in situ' sijilisation
by Origami Ballistika (featuring Martin A40).

The exhibition itself included
multiples, trash art objects, cover designs, printed excerpts from the Y-files, a video collage and documentation on various street art actions.

Cover design by Kai Mikalsen

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